It’s HATCHLING Season!!!


Scroll down for some extremely cute photo’s and footage of this years Leopard Gecko Hatchlings from here at the centre.

By Kit Young

We have many Leopard Gecko’s that have found their forever homes here with us, you will have seen the adults posted time and time again on our social media if you follow us!

For those of you that follow our social media avidly, you will know that the time of year has come around once again to see our hatchling leopard geckos – born and raised here at notions.

These are NOT rescue animals, but will in fact be also searching for forever homes. Leopard Geckos make amazing and fascinating pets both for exotic pet beginners and specialists alike.

All hatchlings have been incubated to be males, although this cannot be 100% guaranteed. Geckos can be reserved at any time although can not leave Notion’s until 8-12 weeks (dependent on health and weight). PLEASE do your research before taking ANY pet into your home, especially an exotic pet such as these reptiles. 




1x Wildtype (Hi-Yellow) het tremper albino – YOSHI
3x Wildtype het tremper albino
2x Mack Super Snow (Black & White)
1x Tremper albino

Looking for homes:

1x Tremper albino